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The information about electronic cigarettes and nicotine in every country


   At the current time, electronic cigarettes can be legally imported, owned, and used in Europe, US, and other countries.



Danish Medicines Agency classifies electronic cigarettes as  medicinal or non-medicinal products depending if they contain nicotine or not. Authorization is required before marketing and selling.


Sale of nicotine cartridges is currently prohibited but nicotine free e-cigs may be sold. Finnish authorities decided that nicotine cartridges containing less than 10mg nicotine and e-liquid containing less than 0.42g of nicotine per bottle may be legally brought in from other countries for private use.


Ministry of Health has warned the masses that electronic cigarettes can be harmful to health. However, still e-cigs are legal and can be sold via internet to non-minors.


Selling and using of electronic cigarettes are allowed but advertising is still pending as forbidden by Europian Union legislation.


E-cigarettes for personal use is allowed within European Economic Area or EEA.


Same as in Denmark, Norway, and Finland, nicotine free e-cigarettes may be sold but nicotine cartridges are restricted under authorization from EU legislation.


Electronic cigarettes is very legal. E-cigs can be used and sold in many pubs and can be used in most places.



Electronic cigarettes are legal though the state is planning to ban the selling to minors.


E-cigs are legal in this state. As Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger stated, "if adults want to purchase and consume these products with an understanding of the associated health risks, they should be able to do so."

New Hampshire

The sale of electronic cigarette to minors is legal as of July 2010.


E-cigarette use is allowed in certain places such as bars and workplaces but selling to minors is prohibited.

Other Countries


Therapeutic Goods Administration said that there are no laws preventing the importation of electronic cigarettes bought via internet for personal use unless restricted by the state and territory legislation.


Import, sale, and advertising of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine are prohibited in Canada, while non-nicotines are legal.


Electronic cigarettes are legal but due to the low street price of tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs are not very patronized by the locals as they are expensive alternative to smoking.

New Zealand

Ruyan obtained registration as medicine thus sales is currently allowed in pharmacies.

South Korea

The use and sale of e-cigs are legal but heavily taxed.


The use and import of e-cigarettes are legal but nicotine containing cartridges cannot be sold in Switzerland.


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